Corporate Information

Contributing to the development of the service industry through education and training services
including Japan's first service industry specialized flat-rate training system "Growing Academy".

Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Change People, Change Future!
〜If people change, the future will change!〜

Through human solutions, we produce personnel assets throughout the world who possess a "spirit of hospitality" and "willingness to grow" and work to change the future of the service industry by improving customer sales and profits.


H&G Spirit

Be daring! Be the first! Be passionate!

Our services

We provide world-class quality human solutions and guide customers to success.

The society we aim for

A society full of people who "love to work", "love the service industry" and "love happy customers".

Action Agenda -Pursue strong organizations and strong individuals-

  • We are strong proponents of "a spirit of hospitality" and "a willingness to grow".
  • We will become top tier merchants.
  • We will always practice "doing immediately, always doing and doing as much as we can".
  • We will continue to be thoroughly scrupulous about the "fine details".
  • We will maintain both the "kindness" and "strictness" needed to be considerate of our fellows.

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