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Contributing to the development of the service industry through education and training services
including Japan's first service industry specialized flat-rate training system "Growing Academy".

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Hospitality & Growing Japan Co., Ltd. Daisuke Kasai, Chairman Representative Director

Hospitality & Growing Japan Co., Ltd. Daisuke Kasai, Chairman Representative DirectorWe at BC Holdings Group provide comprehensive services related to business shop management based on pillars of cost reduction, improved sales and personnel management.

Based on the numerous concerns and requests gathered through our group business activities, as well as our own experiences, we have come to believe in the importance of "people" as the core of business management. It is necessary to invest sufficient funding and time into cultivation in order to turn personnel into personnel assets. However, I believe there is really no end to the growth of "people" and that there is potential for unlimited growth. For this reason, it seems it really can never be said that the level of results achieved is ever really "enough", regardless of how much time and cost is invested.

For restaurants, retail and other service industry businesses in particular, many shops are staffed more by seasonal workers than by full time employees, and the training of these seasonal workers, who have a high turnover rate, is a major issue.

This is an issue which our group, which provides services related to shop operations, also felt was in need of an immediate solution. It was while contemplating this issue that I met Mr. Arimoto which led to the establishment of Hospitality & Growing Japan Co., Ltd. and the development of Growing Academy.

We provide the training that was previously only available to major companies at reasonable, flat-rates. We are proud that Growing Academy is the first service industry specialized flat-rate training institution in Japan.
We provide learning that surpasses previous standards, based on a slogan of "training which is retained and leads to concrete results" and a core of the world-class level training knowhow of President Arimoto.

During this time of diversifying needs, in the service industry with its low barriers to entry in particular, everything changes at a dizzying pace. It is necessary for companies to strive to build a permanent place for themselves in these conditions. The key to this is training and personnel assets. If you have the right personnel assets, even if brands or industry conditions change, you don't lose your potential.

The Japanese economy is presently in a tunnel that no one can see the end of.
However, overseas Japanese brands have earned a positive trust for their high level of quality and detailed service and people are happy to pay for these brands. The advantage of Japanese hospitality is enormous.

We would be very happy if you utilized the Growing Academy personnel asset training system as a means to further capitalize on this advantage and develop your business.

Hospitality & Growing Japan Co., Ltd. Daisuke Kasai, Chairman Representative Director


Hospitality & Growing Japan Co., Ltd. President Hitotshi Arimoto

Hospitality & Growing Japan Co., Ltd. President Hitotshi ArimotoI have worked solely in the service industry for nearly 30 years since working as a part time employee at McDonald's beginning in my first year of university.

I studied the training and cultivation of personnel assets through my experiences working on employee training at McDonald's Japan's Hamburger University and Fast Retailing Co., Ltd.'s Uniqlo University, two major companies representative of the United States and Japan, as well as from personnel training at small and mid-sized businesses thereafter. The Growing Academy training system was developed as an original training system which compared, fused and further developed all of this knowhow I had accumulated.

Manuals and training I received at McDonald's were able to overcome language and cultural boundaries and taught me about conveying a spirit of hospitality in which customer service is provided with the same "sense of hospitality that you would provide to a close friend visiting your home" as well as assessment systems which improve work motivation. While at Uniqlo I developed the strict selectiveness needed for Japanese quality and subtlety, leadership methods that motivate people to work and that valuing people is itself what leads to increased work strength.
These two companies, despite their different business DNA, share in common an overwhelming capacity for QSC*. It is the capacity of personnel training which supports this.
*QSC = "Quality", "Service" and "Cleanliness". These are the most basic and important principles for the service industry.

The gap between managers at small and medium businesses and those at major companies regarding shop development and product development has narrowed. However, the gap in terms of personnel development is widening. This is because of cost and time issues, as well as instruction being different for different individuals and greatly affected by superiors. This leads to circumstances where even if it is realized that a training system is necessary, implementation can prove extremely difficult.

Small and medium businesses make up approximately 80% of Japan's total production, and if they were able to introduce a highly effective and reasonably priced education system, it would change shops, change businesses and ultimately also change the Japanese economy.

I want to return something to the service industry by imparting all of my relevant knowhow through Growing Academy.

We will continue to provide the "best possible learning" at a flat-rate by implementing training for not just managers, but also optimally suited to individual roles for part timer and seasonal employees as well and in addition to the training ensuring the learning is directly linked to actual work sites and personnel systems.

Hospitality & Growing Japan Co., Ltd. President Hitotshi Arimoto

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