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Hitoshi Arimoto

Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1956. After enrolling in the Waseda University School of Political Science and Economics, began working part time at McDonald's from his first year in university and joined McDonald's Japan in 1979. After working successively as a branch manager, supervisor, and general manager, he was appointed as president of the employee training facility "Hamburger University".
In 2003, he was invited by Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. President Yanai and appointed as the general manager of the company's employee training institution "Uniqlo University". During his time there he built the foundation for the training of full and part-time employees. Thereafter he served as the president of Burger King Japan and in other food and service industry executive and employee positions.
In 2012 he established Hospitality & Growing Japan Co., Ltd. He serves as the president of Growing Academy, a flat-rate training service.

Long years of experience in the restaurant and retail industries
40 years of direct experience in the service industry. He then utilized his experiences working in employee training at leading Japanese businesses such as at McDonald's Japan's Hamburger University and Fast Retailing Co., Ltd.'s Uniqlo University, and the things he learned from personnel training at small and mid-sized businesses thereafter to develop a comprehensive program consisting of all of his personnel training knowhow, the Growing Academy training system.

Growing Academy is Japan's first service industry specialized flat-rate training system.
The training method has received high praise as it "can be quickly used practically in the field" and "changes behavior" and is being used by an ever-increasing number of businesses. At present the system has 5 operating bases consisting of the Shinjuku school, Osaka school, Fukuoka school, Nagoya school, and Yokohama school, has been introduced at 850 businesses in just 3 years and presently carries out training of over 8,000 service industry staff per month.

All of the education and training carried out through Growing Academy is developed focusing on logic based on the HG Concepts introduces below and efficiently utilize the educational theories of Mr. Arimoto.

HG Concepts

Growing Pyramid
Growing Pyramid
The personnel training views espoused by President Arimoto of Growing Academy are extremely simple. We believe the reasons why businesses invest in personnel training are not sentimental, but in the end are simply because doing so "brings profit". In shop businesses, customer satisfaction (CS) is vital for improving profits and sales and that can be improved "only by people". It is also people who provide customer service. It is also people who manage shop staff. Depending on the industry, products and services themselves are "provided by people". It is certain that strong personnel training then becomes a profit base, and without this it will not be possible to secure long term profits and develop business.

Growing CycleGrowing Cycle
So, how does one train personnel?
There are a variety of methods around, however we believe it is important to implement 4 items without fail based on a premise of a "corporate culture which values people". Specially, these are illustrating the company's standards, teaching for success, requiring practical application and correctly assessing results. These all seem like obvious items, however companies which complain about "personnel not being cultivated" suffer from a break or failure somewhere in this cycle. Hospitality & Growing Japan Co., Ltd. poses its "HG Concepts" as the key to successful personnel training and provides support and services for the practical application of these concepts.

"Growing Academy" is a flat-rate training system specialized for shop services established by Hitoshi Arimoto, who was in charge of the personnel training at in-house training facilities at companies including McDonald's and Uniqlo.

Content consisting of thoroughly providing the skills and mindsets required in the field, including the customer service, management and communication abilities required for the service industry field, are systematically arranged into approximately 100 different courses. We provide an exceptionally high value, low cost service where a single company can have any number of individuals up to 20 take one a course as many times as they like for 50,000 yen (tax excluded) per month.



2015.12.01 Our company's year-end and New Year's holidays will be as follows.
[Closed for business] December 26 (Sat.) - January 3 (Sun.)
2015.4.21 Growing Mobile's website has been renewed.
2015.4.20 Special course "The secret to successful restaurants is customer service! S1 Server Grand Prix Academy" now being held.
5/21 (Thurs.) [Growing Academy Osaka School]
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2015.4.2 Growing Channel video distribution service website which allows for learning anywhere at any time now open.
2015.3.30 Yushijuku will be held on June 9 (Shinjuku), June 17 (Nagoya), June 18 (Osaka) and June 23 (Fukuoka). Mariko Nakagiri representing the Relate learning space which builds ties between parents and children has been invited to give a talk on a theme of "The fruits of desires and economics - Ninomiya Kinjiro's people cultivation].
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2015.3.30 Special course Toshiba Tec Corporation co-sponsored seminar "- Creating with a former Disney training supervisor - The secret to making people become established without quitting! Public seminar" being offered.
April 16 (Thurs.) [Fukuoka: AQUA Hakata]
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2015.3.5 8 page interview with Growing Academy president Hitoshi Arimoto published in the March 5 edition of "HRM Materials".
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2015.3.1 Interview with Growing Academy president Hitoshi Arimoto published in the March 1 edition of "BigLife21" as one of its pick☆UP watched businesses.
2015.2.24 Growing Academy president Hitoshi Arimoto appeared as a studio guest on February 24th "MX NEWS" "FUKABORI!" corner on Tokyo MX TV ".
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2015.2.17 Commencement of Growing Mobile service covered in the February 2015 edition of "Kigyo to Jinzai".
2015.2.12 [Consulting sales] recruitment started.
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2015.2.12 Commencement of Growing Mobile service covered in the February 12 edition of the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun newspaper.
2015.2.4 H&G Japan employment information site opened.
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